Vinaceous Crafted By Hand Rosé 2022

hand made rose medal

Our Vinaceous Crafted By Hand Rosé is made in a more traditional style with minimal intervention to the finished wine.

Fruit was pressed straight from harvest to give a delicate colour and minimise the phenolic pick up that comes from time on skins and seeds.

Post fermentation, we have done away with traditional finings, stabilisation methods and filtration to allow the fruit to speak for itself.

Unfiltered, it has an appealing texture and mouthfeel.

The wine is simply decanted from the tanks to the bottle. The retention of some of the fermentation lees allows for a slow breakdown of the remaining yeast in the bottle, adding more body to the wine over time.

This wine will contain some cloudiness, it’s the harmless by-product of fermentation. The cloudiness is NOT a flaw in the wine. In fact, it is the result of our ‘unfiltered’ process which will provide an appealing texture and mouthfeel. Enjoy!

Fruit Source: Single Vineyard Margaret River, WA Shiraz
Bottled: 24.8.2022
Alc: 13.0%
PH: 3.35
TA: 5.8
G/F: 0.7g/l

Production: 250