2022 Vinaceous Crafted By Hand Fiano

fiano medal

Lime and green apple. The acidity is balanced and wrapped in a soft texture and a lightly salty finish.

Stirring up the bottle before drinking will add body and texture.

Our Vinaceous Crafted By Hand Fiano fruit was harvested at flavour ripeness but at a point where natural acidity was retained. Pressed to stainless steel with a portion to barrel, this wine was fermented to dryness then left for a period on lees before a rough racking.

The barrel portion was added back for a 15% blend and the lees from this was incorporated.

The resulting wine is textural but with a fine acid backbone making the wine lively with a kaleidoscope of flavour.

Winemakers picking choice to achieve fruit ripeness and natural acidity retention.

15% of juice to barrel.

Unfined and unfiltered resulting in an appealing texture and mouthfeel, therefore the wine can throw some harmless sediments.

This wine will contain some cloudiness, it’s the harmless by-product of fermentation. The cloudiness is NOT a flaw in the wine. In fact, it is the result of our ‘unfiltered’ process which will provide an appealing texture and mouthfeel. Enjoy!

Fruit Source: Single Vineyard Mount Barker, WA
Bottled: 20.9.22
Alc: 12.5%
PH: 3.17
TA: 6.8
G/F: 1g/l

Production: 330