2023 Risky Business Prosecco

risky prosecco medal

Following on from our original vision, risky business utilises the decades of experience from grape grower and viticulturist Rob Quenby and vintner John Waldron. Since 2013, we have been sourcing fruit from Victoria’s King Valley, producing small batches of fine and distinctive wine. Grape sourcing and winemaking has been carefully done by Warren Proft to produce distinctive and flavoursome Prosecco, Pinot Gris, Grigio and Sangiovese wine varietals., now there are over 70 families in the King Valley growing grapes.

The cool climate at the base of the snowfields is similar to Italy’s Prosecco Road at the base of the mountains, allowing winemakers to grow grapes in crisp conditions. Machine harvested at night and cool fermented with champagne yeast draws out the unique flavour. Small amount of lees contact post ferment and then heat, and cold stabilised and prepared for bottling.

Bottle ready wine is fermented for a second time in a pressure tank to create a very fine bead of dissolved carbon dioxide. While the wine is filtered, a small amount of dosage is added to balance the acidity levels. The wine is then bottled cold under pressure to retain the carbon dioxide.

Colour: Very pale straw.

Aroma: Delicate pear with citrus blossom notes.

Palate: This light and dry wine has subtle hints of fresh pears, stone fruit and citrus blossom, balanced delicately with just the right amount of acidity, creating a soft and finely textured palate completed seamlessly with lively bubbles.

Risky Business Prosecco is a versatile and fresh table wine, perfect for celebrating any occasion. This fresh, zesty, light and crisp wine is the perfect aperitif for a summer’s day. Perfectly paired with Curried Chickpea Tacos.

Fruit Source: King Valley
Bottled: July 2023
Alc: 10.5%
PH: 3.25
TA: 6.58
G/F: 8.88 g/l

Production: 1000